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Embedded Feed Builder


Step 1   Choose a Source


Step 2   Customize the Content

Dates:   Descriptions:
Date Format:   Apply

Custom date format - use any desired form:

  • F j, Y g:i a -
  • l, F jS, Y -
  • M j, Y @ G:i -
  • Y/m/d -
  • Y/m/d \a\t g:ia -
Titles: Buy Tix Link:
Poster: Closing:
Poster Align: Theater Name:
Description: Show Type:
Website Link: Show SubType:
Run Time: Version:
Authors: Setting:
First Preview: IBDB Link:
Opening: ILNYT Link:
Randomize: Social Links:
 Filters/Tags: (Comma,separated,list)

Step 3   Style the Container

Preset Themes:

Back Color:
Box Width: px   Box Height: px
Border Size:   Border Color:
Show Header:   Header Text:
Display Style:   Show Pager:
Max entries:   Separator Line:
Auto Scroll:   Transition Speed: secs
Advanced Options
Header Style
Font:   Background Color:
Font Size:   Font Color:
Pager Separator Line Style
Color:   Thickness:
Entry Title Style
Font:   Font Color:
Font Size:   Bold Italic
Entry Date Style
Font:   Font Color:
Font Size:   Bold Italic
Separator Line Style
Color:   Thickness:
Entry Body Copy
Font:   Font Color:
Font Size:   Link Color:

Step 4   Copy the Code



Need more control?   Grab the Raw Data

For developers and web masters that want more control over their feeds and don't mind getting their hands dirty, we gladly offer access to the raw data for each of our feed sources.*

News Source URI:
 View Data
Shows Source URI:
 View Data

NOTE: Shows data can be filtered directly by passing a comma-delimited keyword list through the fterms variable in the query string.

*Data sources are provided as-is, in portable JSON format, with no applied formatting or filtering.

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